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Revenue realized.

Reveal your true downtime costs.

Do you know your complete downtime costs? Improve your bottom line by uncovering the direct, indirect and hidden costs of downtime in your glass fabrication line. True downtime costs include:

Direct Costs

  • Equipment
  • Labor

InDirect Costs

  • Maintenance
  • Reallocated management time
  • Lost productivity

Hidden Costs

  • Lost customer trust

Build your downtime deduction game glan

From preventable maintenance to team cross training, a solid downtime reduction plan can help generate savings. Learn how to capture complete downtime costs and build a downtime reduction game plan with this presentation deck developed by HHH technical experts for Glass Processing Automation Days 2019.

This presentation reveals the true costs of downtime, provides sample downtime equations and walks you through the 7 steps to building your own downtime reduction plan. Take the first step toward improving your bottom line by downloading the deck today.

Download downtime guide

  • Hidden

Have additional questions on your downtime costs or prevention plan? Contact our leading technical experts today.