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Bigger, Faster, Better—New Tempering Furnace Sold at GlassBuild America 2018

J.C. Moag Signs Furnace Contract with HHH Equipment Resources

Las Vegas, NV (13 September, 2018) – A new North Glass Tempering Furnace will headline JC Moag Corporation’s equipment line-up for their 2019 facility expansion.

J.C. Moag’s new 50,000 sq. ft. facility and the ever-increasing size of retail interior glass demands a large, top speed tempering furnace. The team’s current 60X120” HHH tempering furnace has been reliable for over 30 years, but larger glass and the increase in glass pieces used in retail interiors requires a furnace upgrade.

“With our new North Glass furnace from HHH Equipment Resources, we’re going to have the most advanced tempering technology in our region,” Cameron Moag, President of J.C. Moag said.

As the Midwest retail industry’s primary tempered glass provider, J.C. Moag, specializes in retail interiors, office spaces, furniture, architecture and hospitality applications. The team has partnered with the HHH Equipment Resources team for technical support and expertise for over 20 years.

The tempering furnace and a glass washer were both purchased from HHH Equipment Resources at GlassBuild 2018. The new equipment will be installed at J.C. Moag’s new Lanesville, Indiana facility scheduled for opening in Summer 2019.



HHH Equipment furnace at JC Moag new facility

About HHH Equipment Resources, Inc.

HHH is an industry leading team of U.S.-based glass fabrication experts with more than 90 years of technical expertise. In addition to providing consulting, installation, training and on-going support, the team provides a full line of tempering furnaces and glass machinery to meet ever-evolving glass fabricator needs.

About J.C. Moag Corporation

J.C. Moag Corporation, currently headquartered in Jeffersonville, IN, is a glass fabrication firm specializing in furniture, office space, retail interiors and bath and shower enclosures. The team has been serving the midwest’s retail display needs since 1946.