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[VIDEO] Testing Ceramic Rollers for Glass Tempering Furnace

2-Min Technical Tips: Optimize Glass Production with Equipment Testing

The ceramic rollers on glass tempering furnace are in direct contact with the glass. Testing the rolls for their total indicated runout at operating temperature ensures their strategic placement in the furnace. Optimize your tempered glass quality by testing the ceramic rolls prior to your tempering furnace installation.

Want to improve quality on an existing glass tempering furnace? Ask about our Hot TIR program!

Learn how you can use HHH furnaces to test your ceramic rollers in our 2-minute technical video.




The purpose of testing the ceramic rolls at operating temperature prior to installation in the furnace is to check them for the total indicated runout of the rolls at operating temperature. This allows us to place them in the furnace in the correct order in order to create the best conditions for producing blasts with the highest optical quality.

Ceramic rolls in furnaces sold by HHH Equipment Resources are tested for their total indicated runout and then strategically placed inside the furnace at the time of installation. Should you purchase more ceramic rolls down the road you should have them measured well so that you know where they go when replacement time comes.

Here at HHH, we offer a hot TIR testing program. We have numerous furnaces that we can supply for our customers to test their own ceramic rolls. If you’re interested, give us a call.


We’re here to help if you have any questions on the state of your ceramic rollers for glass tempering furnace. Give us a call at 336-439-1596 to discuss how to get them tested.


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