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Technical Service Agreements [Video & Transcript]

Find out how an HHH Equipment Resources technical service agreement can help your bottom line.

Video transcript:

John Haws, director research and development for HHH Equipment Resources. I’ve been with the company since it was founded in 1994, so that would make it about 23 years.

The technical services add values to bottom lines because it keeps the equipment running. You reduce the amount of downtime, and not only when you reduce the amount of downtime on your equipment, it’s a ripple effect through your whole plant. Because if your furnace isn’t running, you’re not putting product out the door or if your cutting line isn’t running, you’re not feeding the furnace, so you’re still not putting product out of the door.

So, a preventive maintenance program by specialists that know the equipment will help you in the long run to prevent downtime or prevent your equipment from going down, and you know like anything, they always go down at the most inopportune times.

Extend your furnace’s life

To make sure your production line runs smoothly with less downtime, invest in an HHH Equipment Resources technical service agreement. See how preventing just one 8-hour shift of downtime more than pays for the annual maintenance planContact us by completing the form below.

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