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[VIDEO] Case Study: Minneapolis Glass Company


My name is Len Hatcher. I’m the director of operations for Minneapolis Glass Company. Minneapolis Glass is a
women-owned union fabricated installer of custom glass and glazing solutions. We operate in the commercial residential and OEM markets.

We’re located in Minnesota and we have two facilities totaling approximately 100 000 square feet. HHH has provided us with service and equipment on some of our CNC equipment, our straight-line edgers and other equipment that we have in our facility.

We selected the Denver Advance machine because we replaced an old glass drilling machine and also increased our CNC capacity at the same time. The Denver Advance is an automated drilling polishing notching machine utilizing CAD-based drawings to hold tight tolerances on all of our glass products. The Denver Advance’s vertical profile is an ergonomic improvement over the horizontal CNC. This allows the operator to quickly and efficiently load and unload glass from the machine.

HHH is a very capable equipment supplier. They worked with us on selecting the proper equipment for our needs and requirements. They performed the install and set up with machinery in a very quick fashion and we were able to produce production quality product off that machine within a week of install.

HHH has been a great partner for us they have been extremely responsive when any technical issues arise. They have a lot of in-house knowledge on CNC equipment and fabrication. They have been a resource for us when it comes to challenging fabrication processes and any time that there is an issue with the equipment they are quickly contacted and able to provide solutions to those problems.

Here at Minneapolis Glass, we’re always looking forward to the future and what the opportunities bring there. HHH will be a reliable partner in any equipment decisions that we make as they do have the experience and expertise and the relationship to ensure that they will provide good capable equipment to us.