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Lovati 1000 Shaped Glass Beveling and Edging Machine

The Lovati 1000 Shaped Glass Beveling and Edging Machine is a semiautomatic edging, beveling and polishing machine for shaped glass. Strong, versatile and user-friendly, it grinds and polishes glass edges with top efficiency. From internal to external curves, straight-line sides to mitered corners, the Lovati 1000 series is a game-changer.


  • Bevel and edge shaped glass with internal curves, external curves, straight-line sides and mitered corners
  • Special cerium oxide spraying unit to polish the bevel with felt with minimum consumption of nebulized cerium oxide.
  • Stack up to three diamond and one polishing wheel on the spindle to grind and polish glass edges quickly and efficiently
  • Bevels obtained by using 150mm (6”) diameter cup wheels
  • Edges obtained by using 100mm (4”) diameter peripheral wheels
  • Electronic adjustment system (99 positions)


Min Glass Size100 mm. (3.9 in.)
Glass Thickness3 - 25 mm. (0.1 - 1 in.)
Spindle Power3 HP
Bevel Width5 - 40 mm. (0.2 - 1.57 in.)
Bevel Angle0 - 45°
Weight730 kg (1,609 lbs.)
Max Glass Size2,300 mm. (90.6 in.)
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