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Pezza Zephir Glass Sandblasting Unit

The Pezza Zephir Glass Sandblasting Unit has set the industry standard for operational life and performance, even in high demanding operations. With an automatic self-cleaning dust collection, this glass blasting equipment prevents dust contamination. The unit’s automatic abrasive recovery and recirculation system maximize the life of the blasting medium.


  • Entrance and exit glass supports
  • Automatic conveyor belt lined with protective wear-proof/cut-proof material
  • Glass movement (continuous or stepped) is programmable according to type of blasting
  • Silencer on exhaust stack
  • Optional: 1,400 mm (55 inches) module to extend entrance and exit conveyors


Min Glass Size200 X 200 mm. (7.87 X 7.87 in.)
Glass Thickness1 – 50 mm. (0.04 - 1.97 in.)
Speed1m2 / 4-5 min. (3.28 ft2 / 4-5min.)
Weight700 - 850 kg (1,543 - 1,874 lbs.)
Machine Dimensions4,050 X 1,450 - 1,680 X 2,350 -2,610 mm. (159.5 X 57 - 66 X 92.5 - 103.5 in.)
Power2 kW (2.7 HP)
Max Glass Size1,200 - 1,800 mm. (2.82 - 5.91 ft.)
Air Supply600 - 800 litres/min.
Number of Guns1 manual, 1 automatic

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