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About HHH Equipment Resources

HHH Equipment Resources (formerly HHH Tempering Resources) is an industry leading team of U.S.-based glass fabrication technical experts with 150 years of combined industry experience. In addition to providing consulting, installation, training and on-going support, the team provides a full line of tempering furnaces and glass machinery to meet ever-evolving glass fabricator needs. HHH joined the Salem Fabrication Technology Group (formerly Salem Distributing Co.) in 2019 to better service the glass industry with innovative technology and unmatched technical support.


Custom manufacturing with a customer focus

Our team is driven by our commitment to exceeding customer expectations, while designing top quality, custom glass tempering furnaces and equipment.

The majority of our glass tempering furnaces are engineered to specific client needs and custom requirements. Our collaborative and client-driven approach produces a custom tempering furnace fabrication and build.  Your product needs and desires are accounted for throughout the process and in the final product. Every one of our furnaces is custom built to provide a greater ROI.

Competitor repairs and upgrades

HHH Equipment has also upgraded and rebuilt competitors’ glass tempering furnaces, provided bay additions, control system upgrades, aspiration systems and technical support.

A range of support services

Our best-in-class service spans both tempering furnaces and fabrication equipment. HHH Equipment consulting and support services include:

  • Tempering furnace relocation and installation
  • HHH maintenance plans that cover both preventative and emergent maintenance (check out which plan would meet your needs)
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Refurbished equipment sales
  • Furnace accessories
  • Glass furnace rebuilds and upgrades
  • Quench design
  • Software upgrades and customization
  • Pre-Audit assistance for soft-coat certification

Glass Industry Affiliations

The HHH Equipment Resources team maintains membership with the following glass-industry organizations:

National Glass Association
Glass Association of NA


After celebrating 20 years of service to the glass manufacturing industry, HHH Tempering Resources completed a planned leadership transition in early 2015.

During the transition period, previous majority owners Leon and Rick Silverstein moved ownership to an employee group of glass industry veterans and outside investors. A group of principal employees that includes: Mike Synon, Terry Hessom and HHH founders, John Haws and Keith Hunt, formed the new leadership team. As part of this planned organizational evolution, the Silverstein’s stepped down.  The current HHH team expressed appreciation for Silversteins’ 20 years of leadership throughout the transition.

In 2019, Salem Distributing Company, Inc. acquired HHH Tempering Resources, Inc. as a wholly owned subsidiary of Salem. Mike Synon, HHH President/CEO, as well as the rest of the HHH technical and leadership teams, remained intact.

In 2020, Salem Distributing Company, Inc. restructured with the desire to better focus on meet the changing needs of the fabrication industry. Salem Distributing Co. rebranded as Salem Fabrication Technologies Group, while HHH Tempering Resources changed their name to HHH Equipment Resources. Mike Synon continues to be the President of HHH. Learn more about the 2020 restructure here.

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“NorthGlass equipment from the HHH technical experts tripled our capacity.”

Richard Freeman