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HHH Equipment Resources Manufacturing Partners

Leading glass equipment suppliers for tempering and fabrication needs

HHH Equipment Resources is proud to work with a number of industry-leading glass equipment suppliers. In order to meet ever-evolving fabrication needs and better serve the industry with innovative technology, HHH thoroughly vets all manufacturer partners to deliver top quality glass tempering furnaces and equipment.

HHH Equipment Resources services all of the tempering furnaces and fabrication equipment we sell. The HHH technical team has 150 years of combined technical experience and delivers U.S.-based service. We also offer preventative maintenance plans for our tempering furnaces and fabrication equipment to extend the lifetime of your investment. Learn more about technical support from HHH here.



HHH Equipment Resources is the exclusive North American partner for North Glass®, offering a large variety of tempering furnaces, glass cutting tables, glass storage systems and more. From convection to glass bending and continuous, North Glass tempering furnaces are known for top quality heating technology.


Denver’s objective in the manufacturing of glass machinery is ruggedness, durability, ease of operation, low maintenance and cost effectiveness. HHH Equipment Resources offers a variety of CNC machining centers and glass waterjet cutters from Denver that are multi-functional and provide simple solutions for the requirements of glass processing systems.


Maximum simplicity yet completely reliable, HHH Equipment Resources offers Zafferani glass drilling and edging machines that are a cost-effective solution and allow glass fabricators to carry out complex precision edging, drilling, and polishing.


Hiseng Glass Machinery is ideal for working with thick or oversized glass for a number of different applications. Hiseng produces detail-oriented glass equipment that pass CE certifications. HHH Equipment Resources offers a variety of glass edging and polishing machines from Hiseng, including glass mitering machines, peripheral edgers and more.


Tornati builds glass laminating ovens to accommodate an array of glass sizes and thickness. Laminating ovens from Tornati are for both small and high production yield applications and produce a variety of glass types. HHH Equipment Resources offers non-autoclave glass laminating ovens from Tornati in a range of sizes


Fratelli Pezza, located in Italy, produces glass sandblasting machines that lead the industry in manufacturing technology. Fratelli Pezza provides innovative solutions with a long operational machine life. HHH Equipment Resources offers three glass sandblasting models from Pezza that can be customized to fit your needs.<


HHH Equipment Resources offers the highest-quality water filtration systems from Chemwest. ChemWest Solutions, located in Portland, is a world leader in fabrication services. Their systems reduce energy and maintenance costs, while improving cutting and grinding cleanliness and effectiveness.


HHH Equipment Resources offers laminated glass equipment from LNBF. Liaoning North Glass Machine Co.’s top priorities are quality and customer service. LNBF leads the development of the industry when it comes to laminated glass production lines.


HHHEquipment Resources offers glass waterjet cutting machines from Sunrise Waterjet®. Sunrise Waterjet® specializes in researching, developing and producing waterjet cutting machines that are more precise and powerful than standard high-pressure waterjet fabrication technology.


HHH Equipment Resources offers high-quality insulated glass production equipment from IGIS. Using top technology, IGIS specializes in multi-layer glass production equipment. They are a leader in glass automation equipment holding a variety of technology patents.


K Star is a pioneer in glass manufacturing and continues to be a leader in the industry. HHH Equipment Resources offers glass cutting tools from this trusted manufacturer. Their competitive quality makes for some of the best glass fabrication equipment available.


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