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Glass Tempering Furnaces

Improve glass quality and increase production speed with glass tempering furnaces and support from HHH Equipment Resources. Exclusive NorthGlass manufacturing ensures that your glass tempering machines are equipped with innovative technology that withstands nonstop production. Our heating technology rewards you with exceptional results while reducing downtime. Plus, we offer customers unmatched U.S.-based technical support and training.


HHH Equipment Resources is the exclusive North American partner of NorthGlass tempering furnaces. Known for top-quality heating technology, NorthGlass tempering machines are built to improve glass quality and increase energy efficiency. Paired with our expertise in the glass industry and unbeatable technical support, HHH supplies the complete line of tempering furnaces, offering all heating types and customizable for all glass thicknesses ranging from 3 – 25 mm.

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Benefits of Northglass Technology

Intelligent Temperature Control Module

All tempering furnaces from HHH come with The Intelligent Temperature Control Module from NorthGlass, which allows for more precise and stable heating control. The temperature acquisition, calculation and output control can be directly managed by this module, without the need for a PLC. Advantages of this module include better anti-interference performance and faster reaction speed (within 0.25 seconds) to temperature adjustments.

Precise Heating and Cooling

The cutting-edge technology of NorthGlass tempering furnaces provides more precise heating and cooling, resulting in higher quality tempered glass products. Features like gapless heating technology, flat quenching/cooling, and preheating functions reduce glass defects and offer easier process control for maximized productivity.

User-Friendly Interface

All NorthGlass furnaces come with a convenient, easy-to-use interface. When the cursor is placed on any section of the furnace (heating chamber, convection fans, quench section, etc), the interface displays critical metrics such as heating power, temperature, frequency, air pressure, blowing distance and more. This design aids not only in production control and accuracy, but also allows for easier machine detection, maintenance and repair.

Tempering Machines for Architectural Glass, Shower Doors, Residential Glass and More

Each glass tempering furnace serves different use cases and will depend on your production. Our line of glass tempering machines meets any needs; low-E glass, bent glass, flat glass, oversized glass, shaped glass and more. Our NorthGlass furnaces are also ideal for residential applications like shower doors, partitions, and windows or commercial office glass and auto glass.

Find the best heating type for your glass facility needs below.

Convection Tempering Furnaces

Our convection tempering machines were developed to meet the growing demand for efficient low-E glass, improving product quality and reducing energy consumption. Convection tempering furnaces deliver intelligent, even heating and spotless glass.

Glass Bending Furnaces

Glass bending furnaces are best suited for fabricators who commonly make shaped products, including bus side windows, automotive glass, shower stalls, furniture glass, appliances, architectural features and more. These machines produce arc-shaped applications with dual-side rollers, such as J- or R-shaped tempered glass.

Radiation Tempering Furnaces

A radiation tempering furnace offers radiant heating and is an economical option for glass tempering, making radiation furnaces a popular choice for small to mid-sized glass fabrication operations. This flat glass tempering furnace uses uses external compressed air and is best suited for interior doors and shower glass.

Continuous Tempering Furnaces

Operations producing high volumes of tempered glass should consider the continuous glass tempering furnace. Low energy yet high performing, the AX series takes your glass efforts to the next level.

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Considering adding a glass tempering furnace to your operation? HHH Equipment Resources offers U.S.-based technical service and support, based out of our East and West Coast service centers. We also offer full parts stocking, installation and 24/7 support that reduces downtime and maximizes the productivity of your glass fabrication operation.

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