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Glass edging and polishing machines customized for you

Looking for a machine that can keep up with your industrial-sized glass fabrication needs? HHH Equipment offers a line of glass edging machines and glass polishing equipment customized to your needs.

Why partner with HHH Equipment?

HHH has 150 years of combined experience in the glass industry. With U.S.-based headquarters and technical service as well as international recognition in the glass industry, HHH is here to help your business grow. From glass tempering fabrication machinery to installation and 24/7 technical support, HHH has you covered.

why choose our glass edging and polishing machines?

We understand the tempered glass fabrication business, so you can be assured we have equipment to meet your specifications so you stay ahead of the competition. Our glass edging machines:

  • Are fully automated for easy operation and unparalleled efficiency
  • Handle oversized glass
  • Are ideal for architectural glass, shower glass, doors and windows
  • Use water-free grinding for superior glass protection
  • Can be customized with equipment additions and line set-up
  • Increase glass handling safety and durability
  • Include 24/7 technical support from HHH experts

HHH offers a wide selection of over 14 glass edging and polishing machine models. Combined with unparalleled support and technical knowledge, HHH is here to make the big decisions about your company a little easier.

See our full line of equipment

  • Glass Edging Lines
  • Double Glass Edging Machines
  • Straight-Line Glass Edging and Beveling Machines
Hiseng HSD Glass Straight Line Double Edging Machine

Beyond the equipment

Customization is key. We won’t sell you anything that isn’t perfectly tailored to your needs. Our team gets to know your fabrication process and business goals and then helps to achieve them. Call us today for a personalized quote. We’re sure we have glass edging machine or glass polishing equipment solutions to increase your fabrication speed and product quality.

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