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Glass Washer

A selection of high-quality glass washers from 48″-112″ are available through HHH Equipment Resources. Select from either 6 or 8 brush configurations and add low-e brushes, if needed, to customize your glass-cleaning machine. Our range of washer options ensures an efficient and flawless wash every time.

All glass washing machines are backed by HHH Equipment’s industry-leading technical service and support, available 24/7 from our tempering experts.

HHH Equipment Resources showcases its glass washer equipment perfect for glass fabrication

HHH Equipment Glass Washing Equipment Solutions

All glass washers sold by HHH Equipment Resources come equipped with the following:

  • 480 volt 3-phase
  • 90 day delivery
  • Cost-efficient pricing for fast return on investment
  • 1-year warranty

Glass Washing

Designed to wash and dry flat low-E glass and float glasses. Features include:

  • Stainless steel air knives
  • Soft brushes and cylinder-powered upper brushes for cleaning low-E glass
  • Quick-change water nozzle
  • High-pressure pre-washing
  • Aluminum upper bracket profile
horizontal glass washing machine
glass washing machine

Technical Parameters

SizeGlass ThicknessSpeed
48 in.3-19 mm0-6 m/min
60 in3-19 mm0-6 m/min
72 in.3-19 mm0-6 m/min
84 in.3-19 mm0-6 m/min
96 in.3-19 mm0-6 m/min
118 in.3-19 mm     0-6 m/min
137 in.3-19 mm-0   0-6 m/min

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