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Glass Waterjet

Ultra-High Pressure Glass Waterjet Combines Reliability and Convenience

When you need waterjet flexibility and quality to match, look no further than HHH Equipment Resources. Our ultra-high pressure glass waterjet is precise, efficient and more powerful than standard high pressure waterjet fabrication technology.

Waterjet Glass Cutter

CNC Waterjet Machine with Cantilever Structure (SQ1313)

This glass waterjet is packed with time-saving and productivity-enhancing features:

  • Ball screw with elastic coupling connects directly with the motor, reducing vibration and increasing precision
  • No restriction of cutting direction, and able to cut virtually any shape with the CNC control system
  • Ability to load and unload pieces from three directions
  • Cantilever design allows for cutting of pieces larger than the work table
  • High grade, long-life dustproofing equipment
  • Cutting tool is mounted separately from the work table, reducing vibration and ensuring precision cuts
Glass waterjet by HHH Equipment Resources in action
HHH Equipment Resources' waterjet showcasing close-up view

Technical Specifications 

Machine set-upCantilever
Running speed0–32.81 ft/min.
Control systemAC servo
Control accuracy± .0001 in.
Cutting accuracy± .0039 in.
Max pressure60,000 psi
Max. flow rate of UHP water1.004 gal./min.
Oil pump power 
Power supply 

Once you have your equipment, you’ll rest easy knowing that full-service maintenance, technical support and parts are available 24/7 from our tempering experts. We’re here to help you maximize your productivity and keep your glass fabrication lines running smoothly and efficiently.

See the Glass Waterjet in Action

video preview image

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