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Industrial Glass Tempering Machines

See our lineup to match your growth needs

When you’re in the market for an industrial glass tempering machine, rely on HHH Equipment Resources, a U.S. distributor and service provider. We do more than sell you a new furnace. We’ll help you choose the model that best fits your business goals. Plus, we provide installation and offer 24/7 support to ensure success with your new machine.

Machines for architectural glass, shower doors, residential glass and more

Improve glass quality and increase production speed with our glass tempering machines. Our furnaces can be customized for glass thicknesses ranging from 3-25 mm.

Convection glass machines

Choose from one of four convection glass machines for intelligent, even heating; spotless glass; and low energy use.

Radiation glass machines

Our economical radiation glass machine uses external compressed air.

B1 Series Tempering Furnace | HHH Equipment Resources

Continuous tempering machines

Our continuous tempering machines manager large capacities for thin
glass applications.

Radiation glass machines

If you produce J- or R-shaped tempered glass, our glass bending furnace produces smooth arcs for a variety of applications.

The difference is clear

If you’d like more information about our glass tempering machines and value-added services, contact us today.

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More than glass tempering furnaces

HHH Equipment Resources will take care of your business long after your purchase. We want your production to increase while keeping downtime to an absolute minimum. Ask about these value-added services:

Standout Service from HHH Equipment Resources

Technical Services

We are the only U.S.-based provider offering consulting, training, preventative maintenance and relocation assistance. Our team responds quickly from one of two U.S. locations.

Premier Parts for HHH Equipment Resources

Premier Parts

We provide excellent turnaround time by stocking parts in East and West Coast service centers.

Your Success Matters from HHH Equipment Resources

ROI Consulting

We have 90 years of technical and manufacturing experience to help you achieve success.