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American Insulated Glass Partners with HHH Equipment

Coral Springs, Fla., (11 June, 2018) – HHH Equipment Resources (HHH) installs a glass tempering furnace at the new American Insulated Glass (AIG) facility in Birmingham, Alabama.

AIG purchased a North Glass tempering furnace from HHH to anchor their third fabrication facility. The full convection tempering furnace— installed and serviced by HHH—is known for producing industry-leading soft-coat, low-E glass.

The additional facility and new tempering furnace opens doors for AIG to serve customers in Tennessee and Alabama, including the greater Nashville region. As a longtime HHH partner, AIG also operates HHH Equipment equipment in their Conley, Ga. location. Learn more about AIG’s growth and partnership with HHH in the latest Featured Fabricators post.

About HHH Equipment Resources, Inc.

HHH is an industry leading team of U.S.-based glass fabrication experts with more than 90 years of technical expertise. In addition to providing consulting, installation, training and on-going support, the team provides a full line of tempering furnaces and glass machinery to meet ever-evolving glass fabricator needs.

About American Insulated Glass                                                                

AIG, owned by AV Capitol and run by CEO Billy Blair, has been in business since 1990. The AIG team provides quality wholesale glass products directly to contractors. Facilities in Conley, Ga., Pensacola, Fla. and Birmingham, Ala. allow the team to serve customers in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, North and South Carolina.