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HHH Equipment Expands Product Line

More Solutions for Fabricators through new line of Insulated Glass Fabrication Equipment

Vancouver, Wash., (9 Aug 2017) –Global leader in glass tempering and fabrication equipment, HHH Equipment Resources (HHH), expands product offerings to include comprehensive insulating glass fabrication machinery. The HHH team signed an exclusive product agreement granting U.S. fabricators access to the machinery starting August 2017.

“As the glass industry continues to evolve, our customers are experiencing a greater demand for insulated glass. These expanded product offerings provide the equipment, installation, service and support all fabricators need to be truly successful in the insulated glass space,” says Mike Synon, HHH President.

HHH’s U.S.-based technical support sets the team apart from other equipment providers. Technical service and preventative maintenance from HHH ensures equipment longevity and reduces the downtime fabricators often experience with international equipment support.

About HHH Equipment Resources, Inc.

HHH Equipment Resources is an industry-leading team of U.S.-based tempering experts with more than 90 years of technical expertise. In addition to consulting and installation services, the team provides a full-line tempering furnaces and glass fabrication equipment to meet glass fabricator needs.


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