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Record-Breaking New Technology

Oversized Glass Furnace Sets World Record

Coral Springs, Fla., (14 February, 2018) – HHH Equipment Resources (HHH) is proud to announce that our tempering furnace partner, North Glass, built the world’s largest full-convection, flat glass furnace.

The furnace pushes the limits of oversized glass and furnace technology by processing 3.5X20 meter glass. North Glass sold the furnace to German-based glass processor, Sedak/Seele. North American glass fabricators looking for customized NorthGlass furnaces can partner with HHH Equipment Resources for complete consultation, installation, technical support and parts stocking.

About HHH Equipment Resources, Inc.

HHH Equipment Resources Inc. is an industry leading team of U.S.-based glass fabrication technical experts with more than 90 years of technical expertise. In addition to providing consulting, installation, training and on-going support, the team provides a full line of tempering furnaces and glass machinery to meet ever-evolving glass fabricator needs.

About NorthGlass                  

NorthGlass is a premiere manufacturer of flat and bent glass tempering systems, and has been heralded as a Chinese leader in tempering technology and manufacturing. By partnering with HHH Equipment, NorthGlass addresses industry-specific needs that include: convenience, production control accuracy and straightforward machine trouble-shooting for tempered glass fabricators.