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The advantages of a waterjet cutting system and how to choose the best machine for you

The advantages of utilizing a waterjet cutting system in your facility are endless. Whether you want to cut glass, stone, metal or other ultra-compact materials, waterjet cutting systems are fast becoming the technology of choice for many manufacturers.

What exactly is a waterjet cutting system?

A waterjet cutting system uses a high-pressure stream of water mixed with an abrasive substance such as garnet (fine sand) to make accurate cuts. A “pure waterjet” system uses only water to make cuts.

Waterjet cutting system cutting glass

How does a waterjet work?

A waterjet system uses a high-pressure pump to push water and an abrasive substance through a small nozzle. The cutting process is essentially a sped-up version of erosion where water and particles, through intense pressure, eliminate the hard material and leave a precise line.  Generally, cutting glass requires a standard pressure ranging from 30,000 to 60,000 pounds per square inch (PSI) to ensure the best precision.

What are the advantages to waterjet cutting and when should you use it?

Waterjet cutting is a more efficient alternative to hand fabrication of holes, notches and special shapes as well as CNC fabrication with diamond tools. It delivers fast, precise and powerful cuts while reducing rough edges left behind from other cutting methods. The speed and accuracy of the waterjet can reduce labor and improve glass quality, making it the preferrable method for notches and holes over other methods.

Other cutting methods that include heat may also weaken materials over time. Waterjet cutting typically provides better thermal control than diamond cutting and reduces the mechanical stresses that can occur in other methods.

In addition to the high degree of precision and control waterjet cutting offers, this technique is ideal for higher density materials such as impact resistant glass and granite.

After waterjet cutting is complete, glass can then move quickly from the cutting phase to other fabrication processes such as polishing or tempering.

How to choose the best waterjet cutting system for your needs?

When researching a waterjet cutting system for your facility, first consider what kind of materials you will need to cut on a regular basis. Will you be cutting glass, stone, quartz, metal or other materials?

How complex or intricate are the cuts you’ll need to make? How much space do you have available in your facility for a waterjet cutting system?

HHH offers waterjet cutting systems featuring cutting technology that’s more powerful than standard high-pressure fabrication technology. Our versatile waterjet cutters easily slice through stone, quartz, ceramic, metal, plastic and other ultra-compact materials.

Glass waterjet cutting machine from HHH Equipment Resources

If you need help selecting a waterjet cutting system for your facility, contact the HHH technical experts and we’ll help you find the best solution for you.

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