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Automatic Laminated Glass Production Line: Architecture Glass

From washing and drying the glass to moving it to the autoclave to be laminated, this automatic laminated glass machinery manages your entire laminated glass production process. Produce architecture laminated glass automatically or manually, as the machine offers both. This machine includes:

A washing and drying machine and PVB storage.

An air convection pre-heating and pre-pressing machine (models UY25B, UY30B and UY33B) that removes air bubbles stuck between the glass layers. This highly customizable air convection pre-heating and pre-pressing machine features pressing rollers that adjust according to the thickness of the glass. It is ideal for Low-E laminated glass. This glass processing machine allows for automatic control of the temperature and conveying speed from its digital control panel.

Optional: a bent glass pre-heating and pre-pressing machine which is a sister machine to the pre-heating and pre-pressing machine above. This glass laminating machine is specialized for bent glass with an arc depth of up to 350 mm. With adjustable conveying speed and temperature, this laminating machine fits most bent glass products. The laminated glass processing machine is ideal for Low-E laminated glass. It also features several motors that drive the fans for optimized air pressure on the glass. It enables uniform heating inside the air convection section.

Specifications for air convection pre-heating and pre-pressing machine:

  • Speed: 0 – 4000 mm/min.
  • Maximum Glass Width: 2440 – 3300 mm.
  • Glass Thickness: 6 – 80 mm.
  • Power: 169 – 235kW

Specifications for bent glass pre-pressing and pre-heating machine:

  • Speed: 200 – 1000 mm/min.
  • Maximum Glass Width: 2440 mm.
  • Glass Thickness: 25 mm.
  • Pre-pressing bent glass arc depth: 350 mm.
  • Pre-pressing bent glass arc length: 700 – 2000 mm.
  • Power: 128kW


  • Adjustable speed
  • UL certified
  • Adjustable servo motor for accurate positioning and lamination

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