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KODIAK® Glass Edging Machines

Redefining Productivity &

KODIAK® Glass Edging Machines Exclusively from HHH Equipment Resources

Introducing KODIAK®, an exclusive line of glass edging equipment brought to you by HHH Equipment Resources. Developed from more than 125 years of glass industry experience, KODIAK® glass edging machines are designed specifically with North American fabricators in mind. Featuring a lineup of heavy-duty glass edging, polishing and mitering equipment, KODIAK® machines offer exceptional edge quality, competitive production speeds and a proven track design to help you redefine performance.

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Built for Success

Designed by industry experts HHH Equipment Resources and Salem Fabrication Technologies Group, Inc., KODIAK® glass edging equipment is built specifically to meet the needs of the North American market. KODIAK® glass edging machines are designed for continuous use and handling of large lites of glass. Our robust KODIAK® machines feature heavy-duty frame construction and 77 lb spindles with long-lasting track elements, large display screens, automatic lubrication and UL-certified components. KODIAK® machines come backed by an industry-leading 18-month mechanical, 12-month electrical warranty.

circuit board

Track Elements

KODIAK® machines feature a cast aluminum caterpillar track system consisting of links mounted on special bearings. The track motion is controlled by gears, which provides high precision and long life. Tracking pads in the front and back are designed to handle multiple grindings while locking firmly onto small and uneven pieces of glass.

control panel

Electrical Control

In keeping with CE/UL certifications, the electronic control components of the KODIAK® machines include a sticker that clearly defines their function so that personnel can more easily identify problems if they arise. Using these components, you will experience excellent, stable performance.

Display Screen

An intuitive 10” screen can display glass thickness, machine speed, flowing light, polishing, lubrication time, the number of materials used and a production report of the day, month, and year.

Automatic Lubrication

The conveyor’s sliding guides are lubricated automatically using a centralized oiling device. It is easy to check the level of oil and adequately lubricate the machine.

Lineup of KODIAK® Glass Edging Machines

Kodiak machine cropped on left

KODIAK® 10 Flat Polishing Machine

Designed for oversized glass, the KODIAK® 10 Flat Polishing Machine prioritizes speed and precision. This high-quality machine features 10 heavy-duty spindles and is designed for continuous operation.

KODIAK® 10-45 Glass Polishing and Mitering Machine

Featuring a variable angle for mitering up to 45 degrees, the KODIAK® 10-45 Glass Polishing and Mitering Machine can be used to polish and miter flat surfaces with competitive production speeds. The conveyor measures 2400mm in length and can handle up to 1000kg of weight, making it ideal for large glass sheets.

Surefire Service

KODIAK® glass edging machines come fully supported by HHH’s leading technical team. HHH’s team of 23 highly skilled U.S.-based technicians provides 24/7 support out of four service centers across the East and West coasts. Our technical team provides faster response time than our overseas competitors, reducing downtime and ensuring optimal performance.

To learn more about KODIAK® glass edging machines, contact our team at 336-766-1104 or fill out the form below.

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