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5 Benefits of Adding a Double Edger Machine to Your Lineup 

Glass edging and polishing are some of the most critical functions of today’s glass fabricators. In today’s market, fabricators must keep up with unique edging and polishing needs across a variety of applications. Meeting these demands in a timely, cost-effective way can be challenging for even the most experienced fabricators. 

Fortunately, fabrication technology continues evolving to meet ever-increasing demands. Fabricators no longer have to rely solely on traditional glass edging machines without dual functionality. Instead, many fabricators are turning to double edger machines to elevate their operational efficiency. In this blog, discover whether the benefits of these machines are worth your investment. 

#1: Get More Done 

With twice the capacity of a traditional machine, glass double edging machines feature two sets of grinding and polishing wheels for grinding two parallel glass edges at a time. This allows fabricators to process large order volumes more quickly than a traditional glass edging machine. In turn, you’ll lessen customer wait times, improve satisfaction and speed up processing times. You may even have enough capacity to take additional orders. 

Plus, some double edger machines save even more time by automatically detecting glass size, including the Hiseng HSD Glass Straight Line Double Edging Machine from HHH. These automatic capabilities minimize operator intervention, saving time and labor costs, reducing downtime risks and keeping your line running at peak productivity. Ultimately, getting more done leads to more profits for your business. 

#2: Elevate Finishing Quality 

Edging and polishing satisfies a variety of aesthetic needs and preferences. With a glass double edger machine, your operation can achieve impressive aesthetics for double the projects. Double edger machines can accommodate various edge profiles, including beveled, pencil and flat edges, to impress customers across unique industries and applications. 

Additionally, double edger machines from HHH enhance the quality of your results. Features such as water-free grinding protect your glass from imperfections. With impressive power and speed settings, these machines work quickly and accurately to provide precise glass products. This state-of-the-art technology reduces waste and exceeds your customers’ expectations. 

#3: Adapt to Many Applications 

Given its wide-ranging capabilities, the glass double edger machine is well equipped to handle many applications.  Not only do they automatically detect a large range of glass sizes, but double edger machines from HHH also automatically identify thicknesses for precise processing. For example, the Hiseng HSD Glass Straight Line Double Edging Machine accommodates sizes 250-400 mm (9.8-15.7 in.) and thicknesses 3-25 mm (0.1-1 in.).  

Double edger machines can be used for applications including: 

  • Furniture: Glass tables, shower doors, display cases, mirrors and shelves. 
  • Auto: Windows, mirrors and windshields. 
  • Architecture: Doors, windows, partitions and glass panels. 

#4: Achieve Superior Safety 

Sharp glass edges can pose dangers in real-world applications. To prevent these dangers, many manufacturers rely on fabricators for high-quality edging and polishing. For example, table manufacturers may prefer beveled edges for glass tables to prevent customer injuries. Double edger machines adequately grind down sharp edges and provide display-worthy polish for results that both protect and please. 

Additionally, a double edger machine reduces the amount of handling that is required per glass sheet. Since two edges are polished at once, a double edger machine cuts down on the manipulation and lifting required to achieve finished edges, minimizing opportunities for glass breakage and increasing operator safety. The HHH team also provides expert training to ensure operators are properly educated on machine functionality for maximum safety.  

#5: Save Costs on Mass Production 

Purchasing a double edger machine can be a large upfront investment. However, it may be worth the investment if your lineup could more effectively complete orders, improve finishing quality and earn additional projects. Operations that handle large orders often end up saving money in the long-term by selecting a double edger machine for their glass fabrication. 

These machines help fabricators streamline their processing for added efficiency. Aside from providing fabricators with increased opportunities for profitability, glass double edger machines from HHH are extremely durable and dependable. The experts at HHH offer round-the-clock support to make sure your machine is producing its greatest value. 

Ready to Maximize Production with a Double Edger Machine? 

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