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Comparing Types of Tempering glass Machines for Your Lineup

There are many types of tempering glass machines available to fabricators. Making the right selection is critical to your operation’s tempering success. Choosing a machine will depend on your operation’s demand, product applications, customer needs, quality standards and financial wherewithal. In many cases, fabricators choose tempering furnaces that will expand their existing capabilities, allowing them to process additional products or offer new services. In this blog, we’ll focus on the most prominent types of tempering glass machines.

What are the Types of Tempering Glass Machines?

The types of tempering glass machines are: 

  • Glass bending furnaces 
  • Convection glass furnaces 
  • Radiation glass furnaces 
  • Continuous glass furnaces 

Among these furnace types, there are different kinds of shaping capabilities, heating technologies and equipment features depending on your operation’s needs and preferences. 


Glass bending furnaces are best suited for fabricators who commonly make shaped products, including bus side windows, automotive glass, shower stalls, furniture glass, appliances, architectural features and more. These machines produce arc-shaped applications with dual-side rollers. They can create jumbo-J, small J, uniform R and unbalanced R shapes. 

These furnaces can meet a variety of needs with synchronous or asynchronous arc shapes. With a minimum arc radius of 350 mm, glass bending furnaces from HHH are suitable for even minor shaping. These machines are known for producing reliable results without heat imperfections, such as chipping or warping, which can present real-world dangers. 

Why Choose Convection Glass Furnaces?

Convection glass furnaces are the top choice for many fabricators, offering a cost-effective way to quickly heat large volumes of glass. Their impressive performance reduces total tempering time without sacrificing superior glass strength. For mass production tempering, fabricators can explore dual-chamber options to confidently meet the highest demands. 

To ensure energy efficiency, convection glass furnaces feature gapless convection technology to reduce escaped air in the heating process. Precise heating and cooling controls make it simple for operators to maximize the machine’s productivity. These machines are popular for their dependability and first-rate results without warping.

Why Choose Radiation Glass Furnaces?

Radiation glass furnaces provide fabricators with enhanced control by heating glass directly within a confined space. This type of furnace more effectively contains heat compared to convection furnaces, which are more likely to lose air-transmitted heat in the tempering process. The precise, stable and gentle heating offers consistent results for fabricators. 

The uniform heating process makes this furnace a common choice for small and mid-sized fabricators. This flat glass tempering furnace is best suited for interior doors and shower glass. Offering an Intelligent Heating Control Module and Super Flat Spotless Technology, fabricators can trust that radiation furnaces from HHH reduce iridescence or other flaws. 

Why Choose Continuous Glass Furnaces?

Continuous glass furnaces utilize both radiation and convection heating methods. With one-way heating transmission, these furnaces evenly distribute heat for high-quality results. These highly-efficient machines utilize little energy for cost-effective production. 

With large production capacity, these furnaces are ideal for facilities facing high product demands, including fabricators that produce glass for architectural projects, solar panels, household appliances, furniture and related industries. These machines empower your operation to exceed production standards, with North Glass continuous furnaces producing up to 11,302 ft. of tempered glass per hour. 

What Should You Look for in Your Tempering Glass Machine Supplier?

The most important characteristic to look for in your supplier is quality technical support services. This includes a supplier committed to keeping your operation running smoothly. As a dedicated partner, HHH provides customers with 24/7, U.S.-based technical expertise and full parts stocking. 

Additionally, look for a tempering glass machine supplier who will partner with your operation every step of the process. For example, HHH assists customers with layout planning, machine installation, ongoing maintenance and many other services—making HHH more than a mere supplier for customers. 

Consider partnering with a supplier than aligns with your business’s growth potential by offering a variety of tempering and fabrication equipment. This will allow your facility to expand its lineup over time with ease. Before choosing a supplier, ensure that the company offers high-quality equipment worthy of your investment. HHH offers premium heating technology as the exclusive North American partner for North Glass furnaces.

Find the Right Tempering Glass Machine for Your Facility

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