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How to Easily Maximize Uptime with Glass Furnace Maintenance

If you’ve ever found your glass tempering line down as you’re trying to get an important order out the door, you know how costly, frustrating and time-consuming any production interruption can be. After looking the line over and not being able to repair the issue right then and there, you have to call someone in for tempering furnace troubleshooting, keeping the line down even longer.

Proper maintenance is essential to any glass fabrication line. Keeping up with regular glass furnace maintenance will:

  • keep your line running more efficiently
  • improve worker safety
  • increase glass furnace uptime, and
  • extend tempering furnace longevity and value.

It’s not uncommon to overlook routine glass furnace maintenance, especially if maintenance isn’t scheduled and performed each quarter. Sometimes this happens because no one is assigned to or trained for this important task, so regular upkeep gets lost in the shuffle of busy schedules. For help, turn to the experts at HHH Equipment Resources.

Determining Your Glass Machinery Service Needs

Before we start any glass machinery service program, we perform an audit of your entire line to understand:

  • what equipment you have
  • your machinery’s current maintenance state, and
  • other needs you might have.

Then, in a very thorough report, we detail the steps needed to keep your equipment healthy and bring it in line with your needs. This may include equipment upgrades and other ways to improve the machine’s quality and performance.

The next step is key: getting to know the team member currently responsible for maintaining your glass fabrication equipment, discovering what he or she knows and doesn’t know. This helps us tailor a plan specific to your team’s needs and current level of maintenance expertise. Based on needs and how comfortable your team is completing maintenance tasks, we’ll work with you to make specific recommendations, such as choosing among assigning service tasks to someone in-house, hiring our team for periodic maintenance, or looking at other options.

Your feedback and preferences during this audit process are essential to ensuring your operation fully benefits from the actionable recommendations we’ll provide.

Benefits of Technical Service Agreements

If it’s determined that your glass fabrication equipment would benefit from regular service performed by our highly skilled technical experts, we’ll create a maintenance plan outlined in a technical service agreement.

A technical service agreement may include remote maintenance as well as on-site service.

Remote maintenance includes:
  • Phone support
  • Direct computer links to your equipment
  • Online diagnosis and repair
  • 24/7 remote support availability
On-site service includes:
  • Tempering furnace troubleshooting
  • Establishing service and repair requirements, including parts
  • Optimizing settings
  • Safety checks

Maintenance Training

Regardless of whether or not we are servicing your glass tempering line, you should have someone on staff well-trained to handle day-to-day maintenance, someone who can also train the rest of your team on what to do if a maintenance issue arises, keeping your line up and running. If no one is trained to handle an unexpected problem, it can suddenly become an emergency.

Training your designated team member(s) on glass furnace maintenance includes:

  • working with you to develop a formal and frequent maintenance schedule
  • determining who is responsible for what parts of each machine
  • establishing maintenance accountability
  • explaining why regular maintenance is important
  • educating all stakeholders in proper day-to-day, monthly and other routine maintenance procedures

Don’t wait until production suddenly stops. Have someone trained today.

Contact the Glass Furnace Maintenance Experts at HHH Equipment

Since you want to keep your glass production line running at peak efficiency and maximize uptime, talk to the service experts at HHH Equipment Resources. We will work closely with you to determine all your glass furnace maintenance needs. Drop us a line at, and we’ll be in touch very soon.

Extend the life, production and efficiency of your line—contact us today.