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Denver Advance 633 Vertical CNC Machine

The Denver Advance 633 Vertical CNC Work Center is your all-in-one modern alternative to horizontal CNC work centers. Whether you want to edge, notch, countersink or polish, avoid human error by eliminating operator intervention. This machine transforms glass from the cutting table into the final product. With zero set up, it runs 100% of the time so you can maximize productivity.

When facades, glazing, commercial shop fitting and larger size/weight are at stake, the ADVANCE 633 comes into play magnifying all the features of its smaller range peers to an upper level of performance providing room for heavy, bulky sheets.



Glass Thickness4 - 21 mm. (0.16 - 0.83 in.)
Weight580 kg (1278 lbs.)
Working Envelope6,000 X 3,300 mm. (236 X 130 in.)
Machine Dimensions14,450 X 2,900 X 5,000 mm. (570 X 114 X 197 in.)
Power20 kW (27 HP)
Water Consumption4 - 30 gal/min.
Max Glass Size6,000 x 3,300 mm. (236 X 130 in.)

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