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Denver Digit Horizontal CNC Work Center

A multi-functional CNC machining center, the Denver Digit Horizontal CNC Work Center is designed for hi-tech performance. It performs straight cuts with saw blades and flat edging with cup wheels, plus: routing, shaping, edging, polishing, drilling, beveling, writing and grooving. The Denver Digit CNC line also lets you use robotic automation for loading and/or unloading CNC machines.


  • Space-saving
  • Automatic tool change with 28 positions.
  • 5 axes head including “zero” backlash gearbox on the “A” tilting axis (+/- 90°)
  • C-axis rotation with an exclusive patented cable system which dramatically reduces all maintenance costs


Weight5,000 kg (11,023 lbs.)
Working Envelope4,200 X 2,450 X 430 mm. (13.8 X 8 X 1.41 ft.)
Power13.5 kW (17 HP (S6))

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Considering adding fabrication equipment to grow your glass business? In addition to the glass fabrication equipment listed above, HHH Equipment Resources offers U.S.-based technical service and support, based out of our East and West Coast service centers. HHH Equipment Resources offers full parts stocking, installation and 24/7 support that reduces downtime and maximizes the productivity of your glass fabrication operation.

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