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Glas.C Glass Cutting Table with Loading System (C4-A, C5-A, C6-A)

Select between a mechanical or hydraulic drive system with the Glas.C Glass Cutting Table with Loading System (C4-1, C5-A, C6-A). Choose from mechanical type with little noise, high-speed, easy maintenance and low overload capacity, or choose hydraulic type with heavy loading, high overload capacity, pre-heating and fit for jumbo size glass.


  • Heavy load-bearing table
  • Heavy aluminum alloy bridge and wallboard
  • Two-stage cutting
  • Integral type head
  • Welded frame structure
  • Roller shaft and heavy-duty bearings


Min Glass Size39.4 X 59 in.
Glass Thickness3 - 19 mm. (0.12 - 0.75 in.)
Working Envelope165.4 X 110.2 - 252 X 131.9 in.
Cutting Speed131.2-180.4 ft/min. Max
Glass Weight990 - 2205 lbs.
Max Cutting Size110.2 X 165.4in.
Min Cutting Size39.4 X 59 in.

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